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What Is Best for You: Addition, Renovation, or Remodel

You want to make some changes to your kitchen, add a new bathroom, or just remodel an existing one. Deciding on the proper construction method will save you money and time. So, choose what is best for you: addition, renovation, or remodel.


An addition means we are enlarging the footprint of the existing home. It can take many shapes, sizes, or functions. Some common additions include porches (both year-round and seasonal), master suites, kitchens, and garages.


The original footprint of the house remains unchanged, but a significant reorganization or repurposing of the interior will take place. Although mostly interior in nature, some exterior modifications may be part of this. One common example is to create a master suite out of several existing rooms, which would include adding new windows and/or modifying existing ones.


A Remodel is Renovation’s younger sibling, in that there is no repurposing of the existing space. The most common remodels are kitchens and baths, where cabinetry and fixtures will be replaced, and some spatial reorganization may be required. It is basically a face lift. Sometimes exterior modifications may be required, as in the case of building a 40 sq. ft. bath under the eaves. Consequently, this required the building of a dormer to make the space functional.

Whether you need an Addition, Renovation or Remodel, Hubert Krah Designs can help you decide what type of construction is best. Contact us to get started!


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