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Retirement Home

Our customer wanted a retirement home, so we converted the old cottage to a year-round home! Because the cottage was built in 1940, a challenge was all the modifications that had been made over the years. It was also in a crammed location and had a small footprint—only 441 sq. ft. Photos by Tom Grebouski

Farmers Porch, Portsmouth, NH

I used to walk by this house every day and I would talk with the owner, who would be outside. I mentioned that I thought his house would look good with a Farmer's Porch. He agreed and hired me!

Kitchen Addition and Porch

What could be better than getting a kitchen addition and a porch as a bonus!


We took out the two old and haphazardly designed add-ons and replaced them with a kitchen addition and a screened porch addition, tying everything together. This also included a full walk-out basement.

Pool House

My clients and their family are avid swimmers and love to hang out and grill around their pool area. But, what’s a pool without a pool house?  I sat with my client and listened to their needs and then the design process started.

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