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Drawing on a broad experience from the fields of hospitality design and furniture making, the idea of Hubert Krah Designs, LLC, came to fruition when the company was launched in 2014.

In 1998, Hubert Krah joined Kenneth E. Hurd & Associates, an internationally-recognized design firm specializing in the field of high-end hospitality. He was responsible for architectural and interior design, all related documentation, as well as project management for most major projects of the firm. 

Hubert Krah

Hubert started out as cabinet maker, obtaining a degree through trade school and apprenticing with an Antiques Restorer in Brussels, Belgium. This was followed by a dozen years of work experience in related fields and general building maintenance.

In 1994, he came to the United States to study Interior Design at UMass Amherst’s Chamberlayne School of Design. Working as a student intern for several design firms throughout college, he graduated with honors in 1998.

A native of Germany and raised in Belgium, Hubert is fluent in French and German.


2018 - Second Place, Best of Seacoast Award, “Best Architect/Design Firm”

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